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Год: 2010
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Tatiana Sénina (moniale Kassia). Un palamite russe du début du XXème siècle : le hiéromoine Antoine Boulatovitch et sa doctrine sur l’énergie divine // Scrinium. T. 6: Patrologia Pacifica Secunda (2010), pp. 392-409

One side of the theological thought of hieroschemamonk Anthony (Bulatovitch, † 1919) is reviewed, namely, his teaching on the divine energy. Fr Anthony was the leader of the Athonite onomatodoxes in the 1910s; his works remain so far mostly unstudied. The teaching of the onomatodoxes on the name of God as a divine revelation of God and the divine energy was going back to the teaching of St Gregory Palamas on the divine energy of God. Thus, Fr Anthony develops, taking evidence from the Holy Scripture and the hymnography, a doctrine on the tri-unity of the energy of the Holy Trinity as the unique energy of the three Persons and the unique God. This doctrine remains strictly within the frame of the eastern patristic tradition, which was, however, almost forgotten in the official ecclesiastical education and textbooks of the contemporary Russian Church.

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